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Actually, this forex system is based on several indicators that work together to give the same signal. After all indicators confirm the same signal, then we start to open position. The benefit of this system is it works for all pairs especially trending pair.

This system is better used at TF (TimeFrame) H1 to eliminate false signal.

The indicators that needed are BBands_stop_v1, Heiken_Ashi_Smoothed, and SilverTrend_Signal. These are the main indicators.

Ok, lets see the picture below to see how it is works.

Simplicity Forex System

Ok, back to the system... We must wait until 3 indicators give the same signal, in this case after down arrow given by Silvertrend_Signal appeared then we must wait until Heiken Ashi and BBands_stops turn red, too.

According to the picture above, there are 3 true and 1 false signals. I admit that there was a false signal appeared. But we must agree that there are no holly grail at forex trading so we must accept a mistake if they are no harm to our trading. I will learn to make this system works better so we can try to eliminate the false signal.


  1. Minyu2Fx said...
    I use BBands too. What is your setup?
    Aryana said...
    My setting for BBands_Stop indicator is :
    - Length = 20
    - Deviation = 2
    - MoneyRisk = 1
    nikifo said...
    it's interesting description of trading system, but test's results would be more useful :)
    forex tips said...
    thank for share about Simplicity Forex System.
    Forex System Reviews archona said...
    I am very interesting to forex system. so, I like this system.
    fritz said...
    I'm newbie trader here what's the setting for Heiken ashi smoothed?

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