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Have you ever read FXTrade Pro's trading strategy at His strategy uses semi martingale lots which is good if you know how to use it. Why we call it semi martingale? Because calculation of the next lots is different from original martingale. In original version, we are doubling the next lots from the previous one. But in FXTrade Pro's strategy, we are not doing the same thing but are still growing the next lots based at our calculations.

Here is the progression of the next lots :

So, what is the main strategy? His strategy uses TakeProfit = 40 and StopLoss = 10 in every sequence with the progression lots. For example, we buy 0.1 lots Eur/Usd at 1.3500 with TP=40 pips and SL=10 pips. This is first sequence. Then our SL is hit. We open the next sequence which is sell 0.1 lots Eur/Usd at 1.3490 with same TP and SL. If our SL is hit once again, we open the next sequence. For better explanation, you can check the picture below.

This simple strategy is very useful if we can combine with other strategy such as break out eagle. We can use our own progression lots depend on our risk ratio and equity. For this purpose, please find the lots calculator in xls format at the link below.

Hint : Use this strategy at brokers company which give you ability to put thin Stop Loss and high leverage margin. (Remember, not all brokers permit us to put SL for 10 pips)

For this strategy, FXTrade Pro already developed an Expert Advisor but it is not free. That's the reason why he was banned from Forex Factory's Forum. Fortunately for my blog's reader, I develop an EA based at his strategy, too. Actually, I develop this EA based at my friend's request, Mr. Duyduy. You can have it for free but use it at your own risk. Please try this strategy and EA at demo first before attach it at live trading.

Remember, this EA is semi automatic. There are two ways to use it.
  1. You can use it as soon as you activate / attach the EA to the chart
  2. Or you can input the price which you want the EA to start trading.
Please find this parameter at the EA's properties.

Don't forget to visit my blog in other time because I still have some interesting Expert Advisor for you all. Thanks for reading my words.

Download the calculator to count the progression lots : here

Download the Expert Advisor for free : here


  1. abi said...
    Hi, bro...

    It's interesting to see this strategy, though a long whipsaw or flat ranging market may suffer you for a pain of lose. Anyway I'll try to play with it once my VPS server is ready.

    Please explain the setting and pair to trade with this EA.

    And speaking of strategy, I have another strategy I've read that might make you interested to convert it into an EA.

    See you
    duyduy said...
    yes this strategy is suitbale for tranding pair.

    Maybe on GJ?
    but i still can't find the right time to entry,
    Anonymous said...

    How do I activate the FXTradePro? I applied it on GBPUSD M5 and changed optype to sell but nothing happened, no orders bought at all.. :(
    Aryana said...
    Hi Anonymous,

    Is it your first time for using FXTradePro EA? If yes, it should be fine because it will use the initial MagicNumber. But if this is not your 1st time, then you should change the MagicNumber to a number that you have never used it before. Please make sure that you never use the number before because this EA will ready your history order and won't open a new position if you already had used the same magicnumber.

    If there is still a problem, just contact me through YM and I will assist you to use this EA.
    Anonymous said...
    Great EA,
    but I would like to ask you if you can let us download it in mq4. I saw my hard disk raising until 80 GB in 1 text file into /experts/logs after using this EA some hours, and it couldn´t be deleted. I did it rebooting in safe-mode.

    I discovered that it could be due to checking the box to enable outside expert advisories, but it would be great to get it in mq4 and not having these doubts.
    Aryana said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Aryana said...
    Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment.
    This problem was already fixed at

    I can't share the mq4 source file because this is my private EA.

    Thanks for your understanding
    Anonymous said...
    Oh that´s true!!

    Sorry, I didn´t read the recent post, my bad.

    No problem with mq4. Thanks
    Anonymous said...

    I started the EA one time.

    The second time the EA don't open trades. What is wrong?

    Aryana said...
    hi Anonymous,

    Have u changed the Magic Number for a number that haven't used before? This EA read all positions include in the history pool. So, please make sure that you have change the Magic Number into a number that has not been use before. If it still can't help, try to reattach the EA into your chart.

    Hope this will help and thanks for visiting my blog
    Anonymous said...
    I tried to change the magic number but didn't work.

    I will try reattach the EA.

    Do you program a EA with a specific strategy? Even if it a complex strategy?

    How to contact you?

    Happy Trading said...
    happy New year.
    i cannot download your latest EA from your site or rapidshare. Could you please send it to me by email? My email is
    Thank you
    aris said...
    hi mas bro
    ketemu lagi.

    sistem hedging bagus apabila dipakai pada trend. tapi jika terjadi sideway yg panjang, maka akan terjadi pengambilan posisi (ambil new posisi) yg se-abreg, sehingga margin akan kegerus banyak.
    saran saya:
    1. sistem ini digunakan pada jam2 pasar aktif,jika tidak akan menemui banyak sideway.
    2. coba di modif mas bro, hedgingnya dgn sistem step by step; yaitu:
    - misal ambil posisi buy
    - harga turun, otomatis EA ambil posisi sell.
    - jika harga turun maka, TP = profit jika harga naik
    jika harga kembali naik, dan melewati harga posisi pertama, maka selain ambil posisi new buy, maka meng-close posisi buy sebelumnya. dgn maksud untuk menjaga margin.
    demikian usul newbie ini mas bro, harap maklum

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