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EA Turtle Clone

This EA works based at hedging strategy from two different pairs. As we know, USD/CHF pairs often runs in the opposite direction with EUR/USD. Let say USD/CHF goes bullish then EUR/USD will go bearish mostly. So this EA will open two same positions, mostly buy EUR/USD and USD/CHF in the same time. How we get profit from both positions? Usually we don’t realize that both pairs are not running with same power and same speed. Just for example when one pair is going 10 pips, the other is still going 8 pips. So, when the total profit of both positions is bigger than certain number, EA will close both positions. That’s how the EA works.

For selecting the best time to open positions, we can use the additional indicator called “correlation_v1”. This indicator measures the correlation between both pairs and when they are both in same correlation (one up and others down), EA will open positions.

Actually, I code this EA based at a commercial one that is sold as $95 or RM 350. You may check at original website .

This is my first portofolio that I decide to give free. But I won’t share the source code, still you can have the compiled version (ex4).

Please use this link to download EA and the indicator in rar file.


  1. azjeff said...

    I am very interested in the correlation/turtle ea. Do you use the ea on two charts. the eur/usd and the usd/chf pairs or do you only put it on one? I noticed in your graph it was for the eur/usd hour chart.

    Thank You,
    Aryana said...
    Hi Jeff,

    This Turtle EA works at Eur/Usd chart. You should attach it only at one chart, it can be Eur/Usd or Usd/Chf. I suggest you to put it at Eur/Usd. Please try it at demo account first before use it at live.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Have a nice day,
    auslanco said...
    Great Stuff Aryana, I'm a big fan of correlation trading. I will try this and give you my input.
    Anonymous said...

    May you tell me how can insert this file on my mt platform
    Aryana said...
    Hi anonymous,

    First, you have to put the file at the folder where your MT4 is installed.
    Place the EA at expert folder.
    The path usually is something like C://Program Files/Metatrader/Experts.
    Then place the indicator at C://Program Files/Metatrader/Experts/Indicator.

    After copy the files, run your MT4 and you will find the EA at the navigator windows. If you can't find the EA, try to expand the Expert Advisors menu. Double click or click n drag the EA to Eur/Usd 1H Chart and let the EA trades for you.

    Good luck!
    fxshanghai said...
    Hi Aryana:

    Thanks for sharing. I followed your link to download the EA and Indicator. But I could only download the EA. How do I download the indicator? Thanks and regards.

    Aryana said...
    Hi fxshanghai,

    You may find the indicator and EA at the link from the lower section of the post. That is a rar file which consist of 2 files.
    Mark said...
    Do you just let it run, 24hrs?? thanks, very interesting!!
    Aryana said...
    Hello Mark,

    No, I don't trade live using EA Turtle Clone. This EA is not perfect yet, still has a lot to do to improve the trading logic.

    But the main thing is the original strategy is very interesting. I want to share this EA so people can try and give feedback about how to improve the logic. I believe this EA will be successful if we add a few trading function.
    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
    Hi, are you still blogging here? I`m highly interested in the turtle clone EA, but unfortunately the download link isn`t working any more. You still have the EA and willing to share?

    Best regards,

    eric said...
    file not found man, cannot download.

    great idea!!! last time i did this manually and won.
    DaHumph123 said...
    Hi, I`m interested in your turtle clone, unfortunatelly the download link expired. would you mind to upload it again?

    best regards,


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