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Open Project is Ended

After 2 months from the Project started, now we already had a winner for the open project EA. As we can see at the left picture, Kuasa Forex Strategy is the most popular choice but unfortunately it was cancelled due to request from Marcell, the one who brought it into poll. So, I have to stay on the track for eliminating Kuasa Forex and choose GBP/USD Daily as the winner.

But don't be worry for people who loves Kuasa Forex since I already have a plan to write it into an EA, too. We must wait for a few days (or week) before that happens because my routine. Just for our secret, I already write an EA which is very similar with Kuasa Forex. If you have already read my previous post about Simplicity Strategy, you will understand what I mean ;)

Ok, now back into GBP/USD Daily Strategy as the winner of the poll. The good news is the EA is ready. I already made 2 version of this EA due to different result from backtest. The difference is v1 ignores Doji Candle for closing position but v1.1 use that as requested from the original thread. For detail, please go to the

Now, let's check the result from very short period of backtest from these 2 version of GBP/USD Daily EA. I named this EA as "Midnight EA".

Backtest of v1

Backtest of v1.1

From the short period of backtest result, it seems version 1 (without Doji rule) is more profitable than v1.1. But I don't know for longer period since I haven't done that. For that purpose, I ask people who download and do backtest for longer period to share the result here. I will very appreciate it.

EA's Parameter
MagicNumber = 2008; //identifier for using the same EA at different pair
Lots = 0.01; //starting lot
OrderStopPips = 5; //Distance in Pips for placing stop order
StopLossPips = 3; //Distance in Pips for placing stop loss
MinPrevRange = 90; //Minimal Daily Range Rules
TakeProfit = 50; //TakeProfit
DojiRange = 10; //Value for defining Doji Candle (Absolute value of OPEN - CLOSE)
Slippage = 5; //Slippage

Download link for the detail statement of backtest from v1 is here
Download link for the detail statement of backtest from v1.1 is here
Download link for the EA Midnight v1 is here
Download link for the EA Midnight v1.1 is here

PS: Please don't ask for the source code because I won't share it. It took a lot of time to write an EA but some people will claim it and sell it.


  1. duyduy said...
    Thanks for the ea. is default setting is the recommended setting by the author?
    Aryana said...
    Hi Duyduy,

    No, the default setting for the EA is not the recommended one. The default value is just for checking the EA. If you want to find the default setting for the backtest result, please download the detail statement. Or if you want to know the recommended setting, please go to the original web.
    Vizer said...
    Thank you. I can't however download the ea. For some reason I always ge the message "Access code wrong". Is the ea still available?
    Aryana said...
    Yes, the EA is still available. I have tried to download from the link and everything is OK. Please try again and make sure you input the right combination.
    Profit_Warning said...
    Hi aryana,
    I've just downloaded your EA on Midninght Setup System, in order to compare the results with those of an expert I wrote on the same system.
    The problem is the only message I receive from your EA is the "OrderSend error 131".
    Any idea about how to fix it?
    Aryana said...
    hi profit_warning,

    131 Error code means that your trade volume (lot) is not allowed by your broker. Please try to change the lot value into 0.1 or 1. I hope this can resolve your problem
    Anonymous said...
    It would be great if you put in your EA a take profit of 50 pips in the beginning and when the price reach +50 pips you close half of the lots and the stop loss is changed to break even and the rest of the trade continue until you decide without risk.

    Only an observation to manage the risk.
    anakMamah said...
    "Kuasa Forex Strategy is the most popular choice but unfortunately it was cancelled due to request from Marcell"

    What this mean, are kuasa forex is not good. sory iam only a beginner
    Aryana said...
    Hello AnakMamah,

    When I started poll for trade system to make as an EA, Kuasa Forex was suggested by Marcell. But unfortunately, he took back so I dismiss Kuasa Forex from the poll.

    Kuasa Forex is one of good trade system if you know how to use it.
    Mike said...

    I wrote simillar EA - wanted to compare results, unfortunatelly download links don't work.... contact me on if you are interrested in comparing results.

    Best regards,
    Stringman808 said...
    Is the EA still available? I would love to backtest it, if so. Please let me know.

    Azri Tokiman said...
    Hye guy i want that ea too but why i cant download its file not find plizzz help :-)
    Anonymous said...
    Hi, can't download the EA, it says "file not found"

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