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EA Isakas

As a part of my open project, this expert advisor is written from famous strategy based from Isakas thread at . Actually, this strategy was not the winner from my poll because the one that suggest it, Marcel, asked me to withdraw it. But the result from poll was different, this Isakas strategy was the one that most chosen by audience. So here it is the Isakas EA. I named it as ISAKAS TW (TW is Tiger_Wong, my favorite nickname) for making different with the Isakas EA that is published at forex-tsd.

EA_Name = "ISAKAS TW";
MagicNumber = 2008;
Lots = 0.1;
Slippage = 3;
TakeProfit = 200;
StopLoss = 0;
UseTrailingStop = true; //set true if want to use trailing stop
TrailingStop = 50; //only active if "UseTrailingStop" = true
AutoTakeprofit = true; //set true to take profit when signal changes
AutoBreakEven = true; //set true if want to use break even function
BreakEvenPips = 50; //only active if "AutoBreakEven" = true
ModeScalp = "Set True to activate";
UseForcedTP = false; //set true if TakeProfit value is tight
ForcedTP = 5; //only active if "UseForceTP" = true
MarginCutOff = 1000; //EA will close all positions if margin below this value
SignalBarCounter = 3; //Value to determine valid signal for how many previous candle that the signal was happened from all indicators
Shift = 1; //set = "0" to use running candle to confirm the signal from indicators
UseTick = false; //set = "true" to allow EA to open a new position in the same candle

I share 2 version of ISAKAS TW. One is using FlatTrend and the other is not. This because I read some comments from the original thread that FlatTrend indicators seems is useless. But both of them seems not profitable... or maybe I haven't found the right setting yet. So, please share your setting if you find the right one ;)

Download EA Isakas here
Download backtest statement here

update 7/21/08 :
For people who have difficulties about download from bizhat, please use the link below.
Download EA Isakas here
Download backtest statement here


  1. zaza said...
    I've got difficulty while download from, can you give me another link, thanks.

    Aryana said...
    Hi zaza,

    Please find the other links at the bottom of the post. If you find another difficulties, please don't hesitate to ask me again.

    zaza said...
    thanks a lot aryana, I'll try your EA :)
    IGW Team said...
    ini nih bro Isakas yg lo bikin ?
    Aryana said...
    Hi IGW Team,

    yes this is the isakas EA that I wrote. thx for visiting ;)
    Cin Loi said...
    hi aryana, it realy great to see that you finished the isakas EA :)

    sorry for not visiting your blog for a long time.

    btw, I want to ask you one thing, can you explain how your EA work??
    Aryana said...
    Hi Cin Loi,

    please find my latest post about Isakas EA. Hopefully you will find what do you look for ;)
    Anonymous said...
    The hours of trading option does not work
    Contact us said...
    its really a informative site
    Michael said...
    how about using stochastic crossover to filter out bad signals

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