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I wrote this EA based at an EA that was published at a forum (I forgot the name). At there, the creator shared the EA for demo only. After I learn it from the backtest result, I tried to make the clone. Basically, this EA is using martingale system. The difference is the code for trigger function.

This EA is one of my portfolio, but I have not write the source code from the scratch. I have modified the source code from Terminator EA, one of martingale family EA, originally made by Alejandro Galindo. After I made some experiments with it, I found an interesting system which may reduce the total risk of floating minus that can made Margin Call.

I try to make comparison between the original and the modified. From my opinion, the fear from martingale system is floating loss. Let's see my result first.

A. Original Version
Backtest result :

B. Modified Version
Backtest Result:

Both version gives different total profit and Biggest Floating Minus. The original version gives more profit but the unseen risk is bigger since its floating minus is about -$9599. The modified version is less profit and smaller risk since its floating minus is about -$2409.

I will share the EA but for return, I will ask you to join at fxopen micro account or liteforex under my referral link. The EA will only run at one account and one broker. So, send me an email if you like to use EA (please mention what version do you prefer).

For reference, I suggest to start this EA using micro account and the starting balance for fxopen micro account is $100 (worth as $100,000 at fxopen micro account, starting lot 0.1) or $100 (worth as $10,000, starting lot 0.01)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Apakah sudah diuji di live account?
    Dimana refferal link untuk fxopen n liteforex-nya?
    Happy Trading said...
    Is it possible to explain the details for this EA?
    Thank you
    Anonymous said...
    plz send me the detail about this ea to my email and your refferal link for fxopen..a.s.ap...tq

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