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Finally, MetaQuotes Software Corp. launches their newest version of MetaTrader Trading Platform which now is the fifth generation. The newest, MetaTrader 5 is in beta testing now. MetaTrader 5 has newest programming language called MQL5 meanwhile MetaTrader 4 was using MQL4. Learning from changing of the previous generation, it supposes that many works will have to do to synchronize the indicators and expert advisors. Many EA programmers will hate this but some are expected this upgrade. Hopefully our hard work will be worth with the newest features of MetaTrader 5.

Meanwhile, for traders there will be a lot of questions about this MetaTrader 5. The rumor is this version implements the newest NFA rules about trading. There will be no hedging and will implement FIFO (first in first out) in this MT5. I hate to say that regulators and some institutions use many ways to prevent traders to gain profit but the facts are going to this situation. If MetaQuotes can’t find solutions for these, I think there will be a lot of traders are looking another platforms for trading.

In case that you want to try the beta version of MetaTrader 5, you can find it at here.


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    Yes, MT5 is nice but in 2011 more Forex systems still use MT4. I think, it's because of trust to that platform.
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